Top 24 Coolest Kitchen Gadgets of 2016


The Top 24 Coolest Kitchen Gadgets of 2016 - TheCoolestStuff.Online

With the average household spending 6 hours a week cooking[note]Statista, Number of hours spent cooking per week among consumers worldwide as of June 2014, by country, found on 07/8/2016 at[/note], we are always on the lookout for the coolest kitchen gadgets that will make your cooking experience more enjoyable and save you time. These make for great gifts too. So here’s our round-up of the top 24 coolest must-have kitchen gadgets for 2016!

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The Top 24 Coolest Kitchen Gadgets of 2016

  1. 2 Stage Knife Sharpening System

    Don’t you just hate it when your favourite knife starts losing its edge? Don’t buy a new knife, just sharpen them. This all-in-one knife sharpening system has a 2 stage design, and uses the best materials for sharpening knives – tungsten carbide blades and ceramic rods. A must-have for any aspiring chef.

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  2. 2-in-1 Chopping Board Colander

    Every kitchen needs a cutting board but a cool kitchen needs a smart chopping board! Why is it so special? Well first of all it folds into half, allowing you to safely transfer all your vegetables straight into the pot without losing them on the way! Secondly, it has a colander strainer on the side to drain your vegetables. Finally it is so easy to use and maintain.

    The cutting board is non slip, knife mark resistant, dishwasher safe, easy to clean and easy to store. Now that is really cool.

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  3. Flex Pot Clip

    Isn’t it frustrating to stir the boiling pot and then not have a place to put the spoon? Should you keep it on the counter? No, you don’t want another surface to clean! Wash it in the sink? Yes, but in a moment you will have to stir that soup again! On a separate plate then? One more dish to wash later on. Well, you are not the only one struggling then.

    Good news! Somebody has found a nice way of keeping your spoon handy near the pot. With this flex pot clip, you can actually keep the spoon just over your pot without dripping the food all over the place. It’s simple, smart and handy.

    Flex Pot Clip - TheCoolestStuff.Online

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  4. Bowl-styled Digital Kitchen Food Scale

    Featuring a stylish stainless steel design, this kitchen scale digitally measures up to 11lb or 5kg. It can measure down to 0.1oz/1g. You can use it as a traditional digital scale or attach the bowl to measure up to 6 cups of liquids.

    The tactile buttons and the large back-lit screen add a premium touch. It also features a timer and room temperature readout as well. After weighing something, the scale will auto shut-off if you forget to switch it off.

    If the 2 AAA batteries that power the scale are running low, you will be notified through a low battery warning indicator. Overloading the scale will also cause a warning indicator to light up.

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  5. Nubee Temperature Gun Non-contact Infrared Thermometer

    The smart way to check whether your food is cooking at the right temperature – use an infrared thermometer! Aim the red laser pointer at your target and the Nubee will read out the temperature of whatever you are pointing at. Couldn’t be easier right? Well we should also add that it has a maximum temperature function, which takes the highest temperature of the tested area and also saves the data on the screen.

    It is EMS adjustable as well – since various materials differ in their thermal emissions, adjusting the Nubee to each type of product will help you get much more accurate results! Oh and we should mention you can set it to measure in Fahrenheit or Celsius (for our friends across the pond)!

    Here are some more creative ideas for using this product:

    • Check whether your bath is warm enough
    • Check how hot the grill is before adding the meat
    • Check how hot parts of your car engine bay are
    • Check how hot the fireplace is
    • Check how hot your appliances are, i.e. computer
    • Check the heating efficiency in your house and find out if there is a heat leak

    And we are pretty sure you will find many more ways to use it in your house!

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  6. KRUPS F203 Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder with Stainless Steel Blades

    Who said you have to rush to a coffee shop to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee? While it is true that making a good coffee is an art, in this case the ingredients are as important as the process itself. Nothing tastes better than a cup of coffee prepared from freshly ground beans! So if you like to enjoy great tasting coffee everyday without breaking the bank, this coffee grinder is a must!

    Also there is more than one way you can use it in the kitchen. It is designed to grind nuts, spices and grains also.

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  7. Chefaith 8-Blades Apple Slicer, Corer, Cutter, Wedger, Divider

    This little kitchen gadget will not take much space in the kitchen but it will surely make your snack times more fun! It is an apple slicer that will help you cut the apple into perfect size pieces and will remove the seeds and core in no time. Made from stainless steel it is finished with anti slip silicone handles for safe use. Also easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

    Even though it’s designed for apples, it can easily be used to cut pears, oranges and other fruits. Try it next time you are preparing a dessert or a snack for kids. Even the fussiest little munchers will not resist the temptation to snack on these bite size fruit wedges! What better way to give them their “five a day”?

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  8. Instant Pot IP-DUO60 7-in-1 Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker

    When the world discovered pressure cookers it really changed the way we cook. It saves so much energy and time by letting us make our favourite meals in mere minutes. Well the creators of this smart pressure cooker went one step further and made a multi-funcional device allowing you to cook a variety of your own healthy family food. It has 7 functions – Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Saute/Browning, Yogurt Maker, Steamer & Warmer and 14 Micro-Processor controlled programs – Soup, Meat/Stew, Bean/Chili, Poultry, Sauté, Steam, Rice, Porridge, Multi-grain, Slow Cook, Keep-Warm, Yogurt, Pasteurize and Fermented Rice (Jiu Niang).

    The body is made from stainless steel with non stick coating. But most importantly, it has an embedded microprocessor which monitors the pressure and temperature and adjusts the heating intensity keeping your cooking process safe. So, if you have not yet discovered the chef in you, you definitely will after trying this smart cooker.

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  9. Keurig K55 Coffee Maker

    A coffee maker is a device that no coffee lover can do without. That’s why this Keurig K55 coffee maker is on our coolest kitchen gadgets lists. It allows you to enjoy a wonderful cup of coffee anytime you want without leaving your house. It can brew over 500 different K-Cup pod varieties from 75 famous brands including Starbucks, Folgers, Green Mountain Coffee, Maxwell House, and more.

    If your other half is not a fan of coffee, you can still convince him to get this cool machine as a gift for you. How? Because it can also make tea for him and hot cocoa for your kids. Keep the peace – makes the whole family happy!

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  10. Digital Spoon Scale

    This little device has rightfully earned its place among the coolest kitchen gadgets. What a clever way of measuring ingredients by using just a spoon! No no not a simple spoon but a digital spoon scale! All you need to do is to take a scoop of the product and the scale will tell you the weight. It reads the measurements in ounces and grams and can measure up to 10 ounces.

    The scale is perfect when you need small amounts as it can measure fractions of grams (0.1 g). To get the most accurate results though you have to keep it on a flat surface and not in your hand.

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  12. Belgian Waffle Maker

    Cannot resist the taste of a freshly made, fluffy, sweet smelling, dipped in a chocolate Belgian waffle? Then it is time to create your own delicious waffles at home with this Presto waffle maker. It’s smart design will let you make delicious waffles that are crispy outside and soft inside.

    Even if you are new to baking and this is your first attempt, Presto will not let you fail as it has a timer function which lets you know when the waffle is done! After the work is done, it is very easy to clean too. It has a stainless steel exterior and non stick interior for an easy vipe clean.

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  13. Self-Stirring Coffee Mug

    Are you looking for possibly the coolest kitchen gift for your friend or colleague? Well, look no more. Here it is – the self stirring mug! With just a click of a button it quickly blends your beverages making sure you will not find a spoon of sugar, chocolate or soup left at the bottom once you finish your drink.

    It is made from stainless steel and oddly has “Self stirring mug” written on the front. Well suits you if you are the shouty type! Not only you can use it at home but also as a travel mug as it has a lid. Fancy getting it yourself? Well go on then. Don’t you just love it when things are done for you? So sit back and relax and enjoy your coffee.

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  14. Vacuum Sealing System

    Now this device is not something you would find in every kitchen yet, but it is becoming more and more popular. Why? Well, it’s name speaks for itself. It is a food saver – a vacuum sealer. It helps you to preserve food for longer by sealing it in a vacuum bag. You can use it to seal and freeze meat, fruits, vegetables and other foods and store it. Or you can prepare meals in advance and seal and freeze it for later for the whole family.

    Even leftovers can be dealt with by saving it for next time instead of throwing it away! It keeps the food fresh up to 5 times longer than regular freezing. And, according to its users, the food tastes much better and fresher than the one sealed in the zipped bags. Overall this vacuum sealer saves not only your food but also your money as nothing goes wasted!

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  15. Digital Cooking Thermometer

    Yet another smart gadget that comes to your aid while mastering your perfect meal! This LCD Thermometer has a probe that lets you easily test the temperature of any product by simply piercing through it. This makes it a perfect thermometer for bakes, meat, poultry, liquids or BBQ. The diameter of the probe is very thin, so you do not have to worry about leaving puncture marks in your food.

    It measures the temperature between -58 °F to +572 °F (-50 °C to +300 °C) and displays the results within seconds. Oh and it also has an auto-shutdown feature – shuts down automatically after 10 minutes to save the battery.

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  16. Portable Manual Coffee Bean Grinder

    If you are a true coffee connoisseur, you know you have to grind your own beans. Sure, at home you may have the emanest grinder there is, but what do you do when you are travelling? You need a portable manual coffee bean grinder. Slide the top off, load the beans, put the top back on, attach the crank, and start cranking – its as simple as that.

    Its a true burr grinder, which is far better than the common blade that you will often find in portable grinders. The coarseness of the powdered beans can be adjusted to get it just how you like it.

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  17. Minions Cupcake Cups

    While these muffin tops baking cups may not be a kitchen tech gadget, it is definitely the most cool muffin/cupcake holders. Made from silicone they are perfect baking moulds for your favourite muffins. And once out of the oven and cooled they can go straight to the dessert table. However, the real reason why we chose them is…they remind us of minions! Yes yes, those little cute fellas from the Despicable Me movie. So if you like to treat the children by having a minion themed party these would make the perfect minion cupcakes!

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  18. Cheese Slicer

    Cheese, glorious cheese… so yellow, so tasty and so irresistable! If you cannot imagine your day without having a cheese snack, then this cheese cutter is for you. This slicer helps you to cut any cheese block into perfect size slices- thin or thick according to your liking. The non slip feet ensures safety and stability, while the stainless steel cutting board and 5 replacement wires tells us it is made to last a veeeeeery long cheesy time.

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  19. Iron Man Mini Fridge

    Stay cool and look cool doing it. This is a gadget any Marvel fan should have. This mini-fridge can take 6 cans with its volume of 4L. Its powered by a standard wall outlet or a 12V car socket, making it truly portable.

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  20. Easy Onion Holder Slicer

    Who likes cutting unions? Not only it is so difficult to slice it but what’s worse it leaves your hands smelly for the rest of the day no matter how well you try to wash it. The good news is that someone has already found a solution to it and made this onion holder. It holds your onion for you, so you do not have to touch it with your hands. Secondly, it keeps the onion steady in place this way protecting your fingers from accidental cuts.

    But the best part about this gadget is that it allows you to cut the onion into even slices effortlessly. Therefore you can use it not only with onions but with tomatoes, lemons, oranges and other products. Simple and easy!

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  21. Amco Rub Away Bar

    Every chef knows that the secret of a perfect meal is fresh ingredients. But what to do if cutting fresh onions and garlic leaves your hands so smelly? Well, if you don’t fancy the onion holder, then you should really consider getting this rub away bar. Rubbing this bar removes any odour from your hands including onion, garlic and fish.

    It is small and portable so you can take it with you even when you travel. And the best thing about it is that unlike a soap bar it never runs out! So it is really a happily ever after…!

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  22. Chef’s Thumb

    Apparently not only tailors can wear thumbs but chefs as well! This Chef’s Thumb is designed to fit every thumb size and to protect your thumb while cutting. The metal teeth lets you grip even the most slippery vegetable ensuring you can cut all the way till the end. If needed you can easily transform it into a peeler by adding the Thumb Touch peeler tip.

    Its blade is made from titanium meaning it will not rust and will remain sharp.

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  23. Clean-Dirty Sign

    Tired of your family of colleagues putting the dirty cups into the dishwasher among the clean dishes? There is a simple, small and very stylish solution to it! Just stick a clean dirty sign dishwasher magnet. From now onward there will be no excuse to mess with the dishes! Dirty – time to wash the dishes! Clean – time to take it out!

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  24. Egg Yolk Separator

    Sometimes the smallest and simplest things in life are the most useful. This is true about this egg yolk separator. If you ever tried to do it yourself you may well know it takes a bit of skill to do it properly. But with this little gadget you can do it so easily and quickly! Just place the spoon over the edge of the bowl, pour the egg into it and let the white drain. Nothing can be easier! And after you are done, you can easily wash it with water and washing liquid or put it into dishwasher as it is dishwasher safe.

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  25. Snail Shape Silicone Tea Bag Holder

    And finally last but not the least is this cute snail shape clip-tea bag holder set. All the tea lovers out there will have to agree – how many times while waiting for the tea to infuse have you had to fish the teabag out as the tag fell inside? Frustrating, isn’t it? Well with this tea clip you won’t have to do it anymore. Just clip the tea bag and it will not fall into your tea! Happy tea-time!

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