Salt of the Earth – Gourmet Salts

Just as the name suggests, Salt of the Earth Gourmet Salts brings you the finest gourmet salts from around the globe. Did your family just give you the thumbs down for that meat casserole you cooked last night? Ever wondered if you missed that critical ingredient in your latest recipe? Salt of the Earth might just be the answer to all your culinary adventures! Give your regular table salt a break and give these gourmet salts a try!

Salt of the Earth takes origin from the red clay of the Hawaiian islands to the fresh sea waters of Portugal and going all the way down under – to the pristine waters of River Murray in Australia. The brains behind this venture seek to redefine your dining experience with its unique flavours, ranging from the oak smoked salt rendering the tangy BBQ taste to the subtle delicious taste of the Himalayan Pink Crystal salt.

For those of you who have been struggling with ideas for adding that much needed twist to your recipes, Salt of the Earth could be your new best friend! So don’t be surprised if you win the wrath of your regular table salt with the grand entry of the Salt of the Earth.

Salt of the Earth is a truly global product and what’s more, you can customize your own set of salts. Chosen from the finest salts around the globe, it comes encased in a 100% environment friendly wool wallet.

You can choose wallet sizes that hold anywhere between 2 salts to 6 salts. “Salt of the Earth – Gourmet Salts” is not only an essential accompaniment to your culinary escapades but is also a chic addition to any kitchen (given its classy look)!

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