Portal Turbocharged WiFi

Is your WiFi slower than a snail? Is it connected but not really doing anything? If you said yes to either question, you need to get on to Portal. Promising 300x performance and 2x range in crowded settings, the Portal turbocharged router is revolutionise the humble WiFi router.

The Portal is a WiFi router that features some interesting tech called FastLanes to tackle WiFi congestion in crowded areas.The router claims to be not just faster but to have better coverage than standard routers. The problem with WiFi is that there are only so many ‘channels’ available for all of us to use. When your neighbours also have WiFi, most modern routers auto-configure to choose the least crowded channel.

Now imagine you live in a multi-storey building with everyone having their own WiFi router. Big problem – you will end up with more than one router sharing the same channel – congestion and collisions, slowing down everyone’s WiFi. What we need is either fewer WiFi routers or more channels. Want to try convincing your neighbour to switch off their WiFi? Didn’t think so.

Portal’s proprietary FastLanes chooses the smarter solution of expanding the number of available channels – by utilising an under-used portion of the 5GHz radio spectrum. Backward compatibility with existing WiFi devices means it should be plug and play.

The router claims a coverage area of a regular house at 2500 sq ft and works on the 802.11ac standard. 5x Gigabit ports and 2 USB ports complete the package.

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