Portal 2 Sentry Turret – Motion Activated Desk Defender

Pesky colleagues messing around with your desk while you're away? The motion activated Portal 2 Sentry will get the drop on those marauding invaders with its flashing lights and realistic shooting sound. This will teach them not to mess with you!
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Portal 2 Sentry Turret - Motion Activated Desk Defender with 11 Speaking Functions (Usb Powered)

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  • 'Target acquired.' Speaks over 10 different phrases! USB-operated and measures 7 1/2-inches tall. Portal fans, get yourself a motion detecting turret to guard your desk!
  • This Portal 2 Sentry Desk Defender Talking Light-Up USB Statue even features wings that open before sounds are emitted. Because it's USB-powered, you can plug it right into your computer or USB hub (cable included) for ease-of-use. Measures 7 1/2-inches tall.
  • When the turret detects motion nearby, it says: 'Target acquired.' 'There you are.' 'I see you.' 'Preparing to dispense product.'
  • 'Activated.' When the turret is moved or knocked over, it says: 'Critical error.' 'Shutting down.' 'I don't hate you.'
  • 'Hey, hey, hey.' 'Malfunctioning.' When the turret is ignored (times out after 30 seconds), it asks: 'Are you still there?'

Portal 2 has been hailed as one of the best video games of all time. So it is only fitting that the much-loved robot sentry guard from this game be chosen to protect your desk!

This sentry turret is powered by USB. When it detects motion, it opens its wings, gives a spoken warning and starts firing bullets – well it sounds like it at least! The sound effects are the same as the ones from the game as this is an officially licensed product:

  • “Target acquired”
  • “I see you”
  • “There you are”
  • “Activated”
  • “Preparing to dispense product”

If the turret gets knocked over, it will make its indignation known through one of the following messages!

  • “I don’t hate you”
  • “Shutting down”
  • “Critical error”
  • “Malfunctioning”
  • “Hey, hey, hey”

Watch the video below to see how the Portal 2 desk sentry works:

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