ODG R8 – Augmented Reality SmartGlasses


While Tony Stark had to climb inside a $500 million suit to experience augmented reality, you can now experience it for far less (and look less silly doing it).

While everybody is going crazy over virtual reality from the likes of HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, I strongly believe Augmented Reality is going to be the game changer. These smart glasses are far more useful in day to day life. Imagine walking down the street and your glasses showing you overlays of interesting shops, buildings, and facts. Or even just guiding you through GPS. Brilliant!

You can’t lay your hands on it just yet, ODG says the R-8 will cost less than $1,000 with special developer units shipping in 2017. But check out the incredible video below to see just what augmented reality glasses can do in 2017.

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