Modobag Motorized Rideable Luggage

Hate walking miles and miles between airport terminals? Here's a faster and more comfortable way to get around when you are travelling – an electric suitcase that you can ride! Did we say it can charge your phone or tablet too?

We’ve all been there – you get to the airport in time, check in and find a lovely 25 minute walk between you and your gate. Why resign yourself to some forced exercise? Get there in a third of the time without expending your precious energy.

The Modobag is the world’s first motorized bag and is three times faster than walking. Simply sit on it, use the little steering wheel and off you go. Currently funded to a staggering 501% (as of August 2016), the Modobag was invented by Kevin O’Donnell who was inspired by kids riding suitcases (powered by their little legs).

What if your Modobag gets lost? Fear not, it comes with GPS so that you can track it anywhere in the world.

A high power 150 Watt belt driven electric motor powers the suitcase. The Lithium battery with nano crystal technology used in the Modobag gives it a range of 8 miles. The on-board battery takes 15 minutes for a quick charge and an hour for 100% charging. The battery is rated for 4000 charging cycles which means you are not going to lose the 8 mile driving range any time soon. Want to sue the bag as a standard suitcase? That’s also possible due to the lightweight aluminium body that weighs only 19lbs.

Another bugbear that travelers face is mobile phones and tablets running low on power. The last thing you want if your flight is delayed! You can also keep your portable devices topped up using the Modobag’s USB ports.

The Modobag features high-performance Urethane wheels that are highly durable too.

A telescopic bike-like handlebar lets you steer the suitcase and brake. There are two different speed settings – indoor(5mph) and outdoor(8 mph).

The suitcase is UN, TSA, and FAA approved and can be taken on-board most major carriers.

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