Lycan Powerbox Solar Storage

Go camping in style and comfort with the first portable energy storage unit that has interchangeable batteries. The Lycan redefines the good ol' power generator, with clean efficient power that can power you up for as long as you need (just get the extra batteries!)

A cutting-edge backup power source that can store up to 900Wh of energy (trust us, that’s a lot!). Starting life as an Indiegogo campaign, it has been funded to 155% of the original $75000 goal. Even though the sponsors call it a solar power pack, it is an energy storage device – you can use any source of power to charge it up.

Charge it up from solar panels, a power outlet or from your car, this takes up to 7.5 hours. Then use it for whatever you feel like, such as camping. When the battery dies, just swap it out and replace with another fully charged battery. Of course, you do have another one charged up right?

Another use is as an emergency power backup when you find yourself with no mains power supply. A power generator like this can be invaluable.

It is truly portable weighing just 60 lbs, which is half that of competing models. The new lithium-iron-phosphate battery technology is supposed to last much longer too. Ultimately it is the convenience of swapping out dead batteries that makes it a real outdoors power generator. The batteries will not lose charge over time either.

What can it power and for how long?

  • LED TV : 11 hours
  • Smart phone: 120 charges
  • Laptop: 8.5 hours or 5 charges
  • Refrigerator: 8 hours
  • LED bulb: 33 hours

Watch the video below to get a feel for how it works:

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