Knight Rider Kitt USB Car Charger

Add some retro cool to your car by adding a bit of Knight Rider to it. This USB car charger has the trademark dancing red lights synced to 11 audio phrases from the series. Its practical too, putting out 1A per USB socket.

If you were a kid in the 80s or 90s, you need no introduction to the Knight Rider series. David Hasselhoff portrayed Michael Knight in the iconic TV series which started in 1982. Michael Knight was a high tech crime fighter and his partner was the epitome of cool, an intelligent, near-indestructible car named K.I.T.T. or the Knight Industries Two Thousand.

Every kid dreamed of having a cool car like K.I.T.T with those pulsing red lights. Well now as an adult, you can relive those fantasies by getting yourself the K.I.T.T. USB car charger.

Bonus: Love the original Knight Rider theme song?

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