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Motion Activated Toilet Night Light -52%

Motion Activated Toilet Night Light


A glowing water closet? Seriously? Ever seen that before? Neither had we, till we found this cool little thing for you! More info on pricing A motion activated light sensor turns your toilet into a cool seat in the dark. You don’t have to stumble around in the night trying to find the light – the ...

$14.95 $29.99

Eureka! Shower Idea Whiteboard -67%

Eureka! Shower Idea Whiteboard


It's not a secret that the best ideas always come to you when you shower - Archimedes knows. So how do you grab those fleeting flickers of brilliance and record them for the benefit of humanity? Simples, this waterproof shower idea board lets you jot down Zuckerberg-beating ideas right then and there. More ...

$9.99 $27.99

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