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Eureka! Shower Idea Whiteboard

It’s not a secret that the best ideas always come to you when you shower – Archimedes knows. So how do you grab those fleeting flickers of brilliance and record them for the benefit of humanity? Simples, this waterproof shower idea board lets you jot down Zuckerberg-beating ideas right then and there.
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Eureka Shower Idea Whiteboard | Mountable Bathroom Writing Slate With Sturdy Suction Cups | 50 Removable Sheets, Oil Pencil & Microfiber Eraser Included | Fun Waterproof Notepad Wet & Dry Use Gadget

$27.99 $9.99
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  • THE ULTIMATE BATHROOM SHOWER WHITEBOARD: If you are looking for fun ways to spice things up in the bathroom, then we got you covered. We proudly present you the greatest and most convenient to use shower whiteboard memo organizer that will take showers to a whole other level for you and your beloved ones!
  • MOUNTABLE DESIGN EASY TO WALL HANG: Forget all those cheaply made shower notepads that would fall or need drilling and trust our sturdy suction cups. This bathroom shower whiteboard is equipped with 2 durable suction cups that will secure the notepad on the shower wall while you are unleashing your imagination or thoughts!
  • 50 REMOVABLE NOTEPAD WRITING SHEETS: Do not compromise with anything less than perfection when it comes to bathroom gadgets and accessories. Our small whiteboard panel comes with 50 removable notepad sheets in the middle of the board. You can easily tear them whether they are wet or dry! No worries there!
  • SPECIAL OIL PENCIL & MICROFIBER TOWEL ERASER: One of the greatest things about this bathroom board, besides the ergonomic design and durable construction is the fact that it comes along with a miraculous oil pencil that can write on both the whiteboard and the notepad. Use the microfiber towel eraser for hassle free erasing, right away!
  • MULTIPURPOSE BATHROOM MEMO BOARD: How many times did you have a great idea while showering? Do you love leaving love notes to your partner? Then this Eureka waterproof memo board is the way to go! Make a little sketch, prepare a to do list, use it as a birthday reminder alert and calendar or write down shopping lists!

The dilemma that has vexed scores of near-geniuses is this: if the Eureka moment happens while you are happily enjoying your bath, you have two choices: run out of the shower all soaked in water just to write that idea somewhere before you forget. Or you can continue showering and then bite your nails out of frustration when you get out of the bathroom an hour later and realise you have forgotten everything! I bet you don’t fancy either outcome. The good news is that with this shower idea board you can capture those ideas as soon as they hit you. It is just a mountable waterproof board that has a notepad in the center.

The notepad is naturally waterproof, with 50 easy to tear pages. So you can simply take that page (which is now worth a billion dollars) with you once you are done showering. If you run out of pages, simply remove it and replace with another set. An oil pencil is also included which can write on both your notepad and a whiteboard regardless of how wet they are. Once you are done you can easily erase it with the microfiber towel eraser which comes with a separate suction cap to hang in the shower.

And as is more likely, if Eureka moments do not happen just use the pad to write down things that are occupying your mind:

  • plan your day;
  • to do list
  • shopping list
  • reminders
  • speech for the meeting or create a song (you can also practice it while showering)
  • sketch a drawing
  • leave a note to your family members in the shower 😉


According to its users, the weak point of this board is the pencil. The tip might break easily so you gotta be careful. Take your time writing down the products of your grey cells.

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