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Da Vinci Catapult Kit

Remember using rubber bands to lob paper missiles at your classmates? Or playing Age of Empires and destroying a whole city with an array of siege units – catapults and trebuchets? Well who says you can’t do the same even if you are all grown up now? Just do it in style with this medieval style mini-catapult that you can build yourself!
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Leonardo da Vinci Catapult Kit

$27.95 $18.01
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  • Comes complete with all pieces pre-cut and ready to assemble
  • Glue included
  • Suitable for beginner model makers
  • Easy to understand instructions

According to Wikipedia, catapults were used throughout the Middle Ages but soon became ineffective due to improved defense techniques. Leonardo Da Vinci improved upon the earlier designs to produce his own version.

This version was never built during his lifetime, but hey have a go at it now! Not only can you have fun but learn some mechanics on the side.

It is supposed to be able to shoot the included clay balls up to 15 feet away! Apart from that, it is a great educational tool for school children. Learning while having fun is the best way to remember and understand difficult concepts.

Watch the video below to see how the daVinci Catapult works:

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