Blüm Alcohol-free Botanical Elixirs

Its every non-drinker or light drinker's bugbear – there just is not as much variety compared to alcoholic beverages. Well, fret no more. Blüm alcohol free elixirs are a stylish alternative with “superb flavor, color and taste for the sophisticated non-drinker.”

Many of us choose to eschew alcohol for a variety of reasons – personal preference, religious or dietary. But when you are out and about with friends or colleagues, its not easy to be the only one saying no. What’s worse, the non-alcoholic options in most bars are pretty dire. This is where Blüm comes in.

There are two Blüm blends to start with – Zen and Uplift. Zen is a blend of Hibiscus, Lavender, Chamomile, Holy Basil and Elderflower. Uplift is blended from Hibiscus, Rose, Calendula, Yerbe Mate, and Prickley Pear.

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