10 Must-have Pokemon Go Gear


It has been just a few months since the launch of Pokemon Go and it has already taken over the whole world! With such a high number of players of all ages, it may be a bit difficult to get started and rank up. No matter whether you are a new player or an experienced one, you can definitely benefit from some help along the way! Knowing this, we have completed a list of the top 10 must-have Pokemon Go gear in 2016 to help you make your mark in the game!

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10 Must-have Pokemon Go Gear

  1. Pokemon Go: Ultimate Pokemon Go Secrets Book

    It doesn’t matter whether you are new to this game or not – you will surely find this ultimate Pokemon Go Guide useful. This book tells you everything you need to know about the Pokemon Go game, starting from installation and setting up the account to battery-saving while you play. As the name of the book suggests, it contains secrets and strategies letting you enjoy the game even more. This guide is also packed with various tutorials with pictures. All you need to do now is go and explore!

  2. The Ultimate Tips & Tricks Guide To Become A Pokemon Go Master for Kindle

    Yet another great book on Pokemon Go game. But this time its for Kindle. Those of you who prefer the e-book instead of papercover in your bag will really appreciate it. This guide provides everything you need to know to master the game. Even experienced players will find lots of useful information in it. Readers also love that it gives actual tips how to catch higher pokemons. So if you need some help without breaking the budget – it is right there!

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  3. Pokemon Go for the Apple Watch

    Yes the same famous Apple Pokemon Go watch which almost stole all the glory from the iPhone 7 during the iPhone 7 Event. Even though Pokemon Go for Apple iWatch is not going to be released until the end of this year, it is definitely something to look forward to all Apple owners. And if you haven’t got the Apple watch yet, now is the time to do so. Unlike other fitness watches Apple watches thanks to this new addition will probably be used for Pokemon Go solely. Having it will let you track pokemons, egg hatches and use pokestops. Thanks to fitness features, you will be able to monitor your workout as well. The watch will show the distance you walked and the calories you have burnt. Two Pokemons in one shot!

    There is a concern however about the battery life drain as it is the case already with app on the Iphone.

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  4. Apple iPhone 7

    When you look at the Pokemon Game requirements it looks like any Smart Phone can do the job as long as they have the required features:

    • Android 4.4 to Android 6.0.1 (Android N will not supported until the official Android release)
    • Preferred resolution of 720×1280 pixels (Not optimized for tablet)
    • Strong internet connection (Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G)
    • GPS and Location Services
    • iOS
    • iPhone 5+
    • iOS 8+
    • Strong internet connection (Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G)
    • GPS and Location Services

    Of course some phones are better than others, but the truth is no smart phone does it all. Often you have to compromise some things over the others. However there are a few things that are really important for the game and the Samsung S7(Samsung S7 Edge) seems to address them. It is not a secret that the running game App requires a lot of power so it drains your battery as you go. Therefore you need a phone with a good life battery. Samsung S7 has a 3000 mAh battery and the Edge model is even better – 3600mph. It is also fast charging which is very useful when you just want to quickly charge your phone before you go on a hunt. The Amoled screen ensures you have a very good view even in bright daylight. Augmented reality feature lets you see the pokemons as if they were part of our world. And the new camera is designed to take super clear photos even in the low light. What better way to take photos of the pokemons and share it with friends.

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  5. Power bank

    No matter how big your pho it will not take you far if you are going on a whole day or two hunts. Thus having a decent power bank is as important as charging the phone for a real Pokemon master. This portable 22000mAh Charger-Power Bank will ensure you will never miss out again on a pokemon due to the dead battery. It can work for up to a week as it can charge your smartphone 6-8 times. It can also charge three devices at a time as it has 3 usb outputs. Compatible with iPhones, ipads and androids.

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  6. Pokemon Go Team Shirt

    Crazy about Pokemon Go and and proud of it? Well, this shirt is a must to all those who represent different teams and want to get the message across! Made from 100% cotton, with a good size printed logo it is a perfect outfit for your hunt trip. You can choose from three teams (Mystic, Valor and Instinct) and various designs. is also available as a jumper and has backpack or hat. Full set! Most users reported if fitted them right for their chosen size (85%). However, some said it was too big and some complained it was too small. I guess, saying no shoe fits them all is true here.

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  7. Bike Phone Mount-Holder for Pokemon Go

    Did you know that it is much easier and faster to catch your pokemon if you are cycling? You can hatch eggs and visit stops in just one trip! But to keep your phone ready and open in front of you, you definitely need a phone holder-mount. This Odier moungt phone holder definitely takes your game to a new level. It is well designed and made to last. It has a sponge cushion to protect your phone and adjustable frame to fit different phone models. The mounting system has an elastic holder on handlebar to protect your bicycle’s or bike’s frame. It is a perfect phone holder even if you are not a Pokemon hunter!

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  8. Pokemon Pikachu 3D Figure Light

    While this is not a typical Pokemon gadget that helps you on the go, it is something worth having as a cool Pokemon decoration. Especially if you have a pokemon chaser friend or a young Pokemon fan in your house, who could do with a little gift. This is a 3D pokemon Pikachu light projection that will look cool as a lamp-decoration in your kids or a living room or in your office. It is as easy to use as connecting the Christmas lights on the tree. It is powered by a USB cable (comes with the set) and the different lighting modes can be controlled by just a click of a button. Why not have a Pikachu in your own home?

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  9. Unisex Sport Touchscreen Gloves

    And last but not the least is the Agloves Unisex touchscreen gloves. Yes, Pokemon Go is played all over the world in all sorts of weather. When it is chilly and you are out and about in the city for hours carrying your phone in your hand these touchscreen gloves is a must! Designed to work with all smartphones, tablets and other devices it provides top accuracy precision and all ten finger functionality! Gloves are unisex, will fit men and women and comes in two sizes S/M or M/L.

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  10. Pokemon Go Plus

    The Pokémon GO Plus needs no introduction. This is the gadget everyone has been waiting for so impatiently. And finally it has been launched. It allows you to easily catch the Pokemons and collect items with just a touch of a button. And the best part is that you do not have to look at your phone. All you have to do is to pair the device via Bluetooth with your smart phone that has Pokemon Go App installed. And you are ready for the hunt!

    Once you encounter or get close to a Pokemon, both your phone and pokemon Go plus device will start to vinbrate. However the Pokemon plus device will tell you weather you are encountering a new pokemon or something you have cought before by also flashing in different colours. Then just press the button on the device and you can atempt to catch the Pokemon. With pokemon Go plus you can also visit PokeStops and collect other items. You still need to carry your smart phone though.

    There are a couple downsides though. You cannot use different balls when attempting to catch a Pokemon, and you usually have only one attempt before it runs away. So you might well just try and use your phone when you finally encounter Pokemon.

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And finally regardless of wether you are hunting with only the smartphone or you have the full Pokemom Go gear setup, do not forget safety and security while playing the game. It is easy to loose yourself in the game and concentrate on your smartphone, forgeting that there are dangers luring in the real world and not just big monster Pokemons.

Your newest smartphone and other expensive devices might get some unwanted attention, not mentioning your wallet and other personal belongings. Therefore don’t forget some simple safety tips and enjoy the game responsibly! Do not carry your smartphone or other device in the way that it can be easily snatched from your hands by a passing by/cycling thief. Always keep an eye on your bag and wallet while in crowded spaces like PokeStops. Wear reflectors or reflecting clothes when walking down the dark streets. And be extra careful if you are out and about during the dark time of the day. A pepper spray in the pocket might come handy. All the best for your Pokehunts!

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