About The Coolest Stuff Online

Hello there. I am Sigita and I started The Coolest Stuff Online (TCSO) website in May 2016. I am a stay-a-home mum to a little baby boy.

There are many many curated product websites on the Internet such as ThisIsWhyIamBroke.com, ShutUpandTakeMyMoney.com. So why did I start the coolest stuff online? There is one major issue with all the other websites promoting curated lists – they occasionally featured products that are not family-friendly and sometimes are not safe for work. I wanted to make something different – something that you can open up in front of your kids or your colleagues without worrying about what you may see.

So that’s my promise – you will not find anything indecent, objectionable or morally questionable on The Coolest Stuff Online! My goal is to bring to you the most fun, kid-friendly, and coolest stuff on the internet, that you can buy in a click. From unique gifting ideas, cool stuff, creative games, funky home decor, innovative gadgets, crazy accessories to some of the really expensive things you want but don’t need, I have them all in one place. A collection of the coolest stuff online that both you and your kids will enjoy.

Note that I do not own the images posted on this website. If you are the owner of an image and would like to have the image removed from TCSO, please let me know. I do not sell the items listed on TCSO – I link to them. The actual sellers may be large online markets such as Amazon or Etsy, or independent sellers who have a great collection of stuff to buy online. My list of the coolest stuff is presented from my perspective, and most products have not been personally tested or purchased. I update TCSO roughly once a week.

I hope you like my collection of the coolest stuff online. If you have a comment, drop me a note.